“No two women are the same, nor should their gowns be.”

Indulge yourself, and step into our design studio. After the design for your gown is decided, we will guide you through a selection of sumptuous silks and exquisite laces.

Before scissors are lain to silk, each bride is fitted in a toile which is then moulded and fitted to her body to ensure an unsurpassable fit. The toile then becomes a custom made pattern specifically for her body.

Attention to detail and intricate hand work are the hallmarks of a Zhanel gown. We take great pride in the superior quality of our workmanship and firmly believe that every stage of construction is crucial for a magnificent gown to be created.

We do not create cheap, off rack dresses, choosing rather to dedicate our time to creating garments of the highest quality. Expect, and receive a haute couture, made-to-measure gown when choosing Zhanel as your personal designers.

“Be bold, be elegant, but most of all, be yourself.”